Journal article

P056 Using Polysomnography in Young People with Borderline Personality Disorder: A Pilot and Feasibility Study

C Jenkins, K Thompson, A Chanen, C Nicholas

SLEEP Advances | Oxford University Press (OUP) | Published : 2021


Abstract Introduction Few studies have assessed sleep in young people (aged 15–25 years) with BPD using polysomnography. The feasibility of using polysomnography in this population might be questioned due to polysomnography’s invasiveness, anxiety and sensory sensitivities in BPD, and misconceptions that individuals with BPD are uncooperative and non-compliant. This study aimed to provide pilot sleep quality and architecture data and assess polysomnography feasibility. Method Participants were 13 females aged 15–25, 7 (Mage = 19.97, SD = 3.15) with BPD and 6 age-matched hea..

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