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Improving automated search for underwater threats using multistatic sensor fields by incorporating unconfirmed track information

D Angley, S Mehrkanoon, B Moran, C Gilliam, S Simakov

ICAS 2021 - 2021 IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Systems, Proceedings | Published : 2021


Sonobuoy fields, comprising a network of sonar transmitters and receivers, are used to search for and track underwater targets. Although normally such fields are operated from a maritime patrol aircraft, automated scheduling and processing creates opportunities for employing them as autonomous sensor systems. The automated search mechanism considered in this work is controlled by modelling the presence of undetected threats in an Operational Area (OA) using a spatial probability density function (PDF), known as a threat map. The algorithm decides how to schedule waveform transmissions, known as pings, to efficiently search and clear the OA. A conventional approach is to update the threat map..

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