Journal article

Genomic signatures of parallel alpine adaptation in recently evolved flightless insects.

Graham A McCulloch, Joseph Guhlin, Ludovic Dutoit, Thomas WR Harrop, Peter K Dearden, Jonathan M Waters

Mol Ecol | Published : 2021


Natural selection along elevational gradients has potential to drive predictable adaptations across distinct lineages, but the extent of such repeated evolution remains poorly studied for many widespread alpine taxa. We present parallel genomic analyses of two recently evolved flightless alpine insect lineages to test for molecular signatures of repeated alpine adaptation. Specifically, we compare low-elevation vs. alpine stonefly ecotypes from parallel stream populations in which flightless upland ecotypes have been independently derived. We map 67,922 polymorphic genetic markers, generated across 176 Zelandoperla fenestrata specimens from two independent alpine stream populations in New Ze..

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