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NR4A2 expression is not altered in placentas from cases of growth restriction or preeclampsia, but is reduced in hypoxic cytotrophoblast

Natasha de Alwis, Sally Beard, Natalie K Binder, Natasha Pritchard, Tu'uhevaha J Kaitu'u-Lino, Susan P Walker, Owen Stock, Katie M Groom, Scott Petersen, Amanda Henry, Joanne M Said, Sean Seeho, Stefan C Kane, Stephen Tong, Natalie J Hannan



Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 4 Group A Member 2 (NR4A2) transcripts are elevated in the circulation of individuals whose pregnancies are complicated by preterm fetal growth restriction (FGR). In this paper, we show that the cases with preeclampsia (PE) have increased circulating NR4A2 transcripts compared to those with normotensive FGR. We aimed to establish whether the dysfunctional placenta mirrors the increase in NR4A2 transcripts and further, to uncover the function of placental NR4A2. NR4A2 expression was detected in preterm and term placental tissue; expressed higher at term. NR4A2 mRNA expression and protein were not altered in placentas from preterm FGR or PE pregnancies. Hypoxia (1% O..

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