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Hemispheric cortical atrophy and chronic microglial activation following mild focal ischemic stroke in adult male rats

Charlotte M Ermine, Jess Nithianantharajah, Katrina O'Brien, Jessica A Kauhausen, Stefano Frausin, Alexander Oman, Mark W Parsons, Vanessa H Brait, Amy Brodtmann, Lachlan H Thompson



Animal modeling has played an important role in our understanding of the pathobiology of stroke. The vast majority of this research has focused on the acute phase following severe forms of stroke that result in clear behavioral deficits. Human stroke, however, can vary widely in severity and clinical outcome. There is a rapidly building body of work suggesting that milder ischemic insults can precipitate functional impairment, including cognitive decline, that continues through the chronic phase after injury. Here we show that a small infarction localized to the frontal motor cortex of rats following injection of endothelin-1 results in an essentially asymptomatic state based on motor and co..

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