Thesis / Dissertation

A comprehensive analysis of the structural alterations occur in CO2- interacted coal: An insight into CO2 sequestration in coal

Suresh Madushan Sampath Kadinappuli Hewage, Mandadige Perera (ed.)

Published : 2020


Human activities from overpopulation to pollution are drastically increasing the global temperature and causing fundamental changes in the Earth. The primary reason for this phenomenon is the greenhouse gas effect that primarily comes from the destruction of the forest cover and conventional energy production. This would cause extreme weather conditions, consequently imperilling the natural habitats, ecosystems and all the Earth’s activities. Emission of an enormous amount of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) has become the primary reason for global warming; so, it is vital to advance towards novel techniques to alleviate the issue. Within a portfolio of options, CO2 sequestration has gaine..

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