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Body mass index is inversely associated with capillary ketones at the time of colonoscopy: Implications for SGLT2i use

Peter S Hamblin, Rosemary Wong, Elif Ekinci, Shoshana Sztal-Mazer, Shananthan Balachandran, Aviva Frydman, Timothy P Hanrahan, Raymond Hu, Shara N Ket, Alan Moss, Mark Ng, Sashikala Ragunathan, Leon A Bach



OBJECTIVE: Sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors (SGLT2i) have been associated with diabetic ketoacidosis at the time of colonoscopy. This study aimed to identify factors associated with ketone concentrations in SGLT2i-treated type 2 diabetes compared with non-SGLT2i-treated diabetes, and those with impaired fasting glycaemia (IFG) and normoglycaemia. DESIGN: Cross-sectional, multicentre, observational study June-December 2020 in four Australian tertiary hospitals. PARTICIPANTS: Capillary glucose and ketones were measured in people undergoing colonoscopy: 37 SGLT2i-treated and 105 non-SGLT2i-treated type 2 diabetes, 65 IFG and 151 normoglycaemia. MEASUREMENTS: Body mass index (BMI), age,..

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