Thesis / Dissertation

Identifying Novel Strategies to Enhance the Anti-cancer Activity of Venetoclax by Manipulating NOXA Expression

Zhuofan Xu, David Huang (ed.)

Published : 2021


Apoptosis is a form of programmed cell death. The intrinsic pathway of apoptosis is governed by the BCL2 family proteins. Targeting BCL2 proteins by small molecules that mimicking the BH3-only proteins to induce apoptosis has proven to be a successful strategy for cancer therapy. Venetoclax, a specific inhibitor of BCL2, has exhibited remarkable efficacy in treating cancers that rely on BCL2 for survival. However, the activity of venetoclax is often limited in other cancers whose survival relies on MCL1, another BCL2 family member. Selective MCL1 inhibitors have been developed and are currently being evaluated in clinical trials. However, the clinical development of these agents has been ham..

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