Journal article

Acting with the future in mind: Testing competing prospective memory interventions.

Julie D Henry, Alexandra Hering, Simon Haines, Sarah A Grainger, Nick Koleits, Skye McLennan, Rachel Pelly, Colleen Doyle, Nathan S Rose, Matthias Kliegel, Peter G Rendell

Psychol Aging | Published : 2021


Prospective memory (PM) is a critical determinant of whether a person is able to lead an independent life. Because PM declines in late adulthood, an important question is therefore whether, and if so, which types, of PM interventions might lead to meaningful benefits. In the present study, we randomly assigned older adults to one of four conditions, in three of which participants received a structured PM intervention (Restorative, Compensatory, and Combined Restorative and Compensatory); the fourth was an Active Control condition. The results showed that there were significant gains on the PM training task used for both the Restorative and Combined conditions. We then analyzed change in PM t..

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