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The RNA helicase Ddx21 controls Vegfc-driven developmental lymphangiogenesis by balancing endothelial cell ribosome biogenesis and p53 function.

Katarzyna Koltowska, Kazuhide S Okuda, Marleen Gloger, Maria Rondon-Galeano, Elizabeth Mason, Jiachen Xuan, Stefanie Dudczig, Huijun Chen, Hannah Arnold, Renae Skoczylas, Neil I Bower, Scott Paterson, Anne Karine Lagendijk, Gregory J Baillie, Ignaty Leshchiner, Cas Simons, Kelly A Smith, Wolfram Goessling, Joan K Heath, Richard B Pearson Show all

Nat Cell Biol | Published : 2021


The development of a functional vasculature requires the coordinated control of cell fate, lineage differentiation and network growth. Cellular proliferation is spatiotemporally regulated in developing vessels, but how this is orchestrated in different lineages is unknown. Here, using a zebrafish genetic screen for lymphatic-deficient mutants, we uncover a mutant for the RNA helicase Ddx21. Ddx21 cell-autonomously regulates lymphatic vessel development. An established regulator of ribosomal RNA synthesis and ribosome biogenesis, Ddx21 is enriched in sprouting venous endothelial cells in response to Vegfc-Flt4 signalling. Ddx21 function is essential for Vegfc-Flt4-driven endothelial cell prol..

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