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Medipix3 for dosimetry and real-time beam monitoring: first tests at a 60 MeV proton therapy facility

JSL Yap, NJS Bal, A Kacperek, J Resta López, CP Welsch

Journal of Instrumentation | IOP Publishing | Published : 2021


Charged particle therapy (CPT) is an advanced modality of radiation therapy which has grown rapidly worldwide, driven by recent developments in technology and methods of delivery. To ensure safe and high quality treatments, various instruments are used for a range of different measurements such as for quality assurance, monitoring and dosimetry purposes. With the emergence of new and enhanced delivery techniques, systems with improved capabilities are needed to exceed existing performance limitations of conventional tools. The Medipix3 is a hybrid pixel detector able to count individual protons with millisecond time resolution at clinical flux with near instant readout and count rate lineari..

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