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Petrogenesis of coeval lamproites and kimberlites from the Wajrakarur field, Southern India: New insights from olivine compositions

S Sarkar, A Giuliani, S Ghosh, D Phillips

Lithos | Elsevier BV | Published : 2021


Olivine is one of the most abundant phases in kimberlites and cratonic lamproites, where it occurs as mantle-derived xenocrysts and magmatic phenocrysts or rims overgrowing xenocrystic cores, indicating its prevalence throughout most of the crystallisation sequence of these magmas. Thus, olivine can provide valuable insights into kimberlite and lamproite petrogenesis. Here, we present a detailed study of olivine compositional zoning in two lamproites (P2 and P12) of the Mesoproterozoic Wajrakarur kimberlite-lamproite field in southern India and use these data to propose a genetic link between lamproites and kimberlites in the region. Olivine macrocrysts (i.e., anhedral grains >1 mm) from the..

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