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Advances in the treatment, diagnosis, control and scientific understanding of taeniid cestode parasite infections over the past 50 years

Marshall W Lightowlers, Robin B Gasser, Andrew Hemphill, Thomas Romig, Francesca Tamarozzi, Peter Deplazes, Paul R Torgerson, Hector H Garcia, Peter Kern

International Journal for Parasitology | Elsevier | Published : 2021


In the past 50 years, enormous progress has been made in the diagnosis, treatment and control of taeniid cestode infections/diseases and in the scientific understanding thereof. Most interest in this group of parasites stems from the serious diseases that they cause in humans. It is through this lens that we summarize here the most important breakthroughs that have made a difference to the treatment of human diseases caused by these parasites, reduction in transmission of the taeniid species associated with human disease, or understanding of the parasites’ biology likely to impact diagnosis or treatment in the foreseeable future. Key topics discussed are the introduction of anti-cestode drug..

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