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Towards Prediction and Optimisation for Outdoor Evaporative Cooling Systems in Architectural Design

Djordje Stojanovic, Milca Vujovic, Vesna Stojakovic (ed.), Bojan Tepvcevic (ed.)

Proceedings of the 39th International Hybrid Conference on Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe, eCAADe 2021: Towards a New, Configurable Architecture | Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia | Published : 2021


The paper presents a blueprint of a simulation model and structures the processing of information that sensors in real life would provide to improve the efficiency of the cooling system and increase the thermal comfort of occupants in an outdoor environment. It outlines an evidence-based technique for evaluating perceived benefits that would arise from the introduction of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) and Computational Techniques (CTs) to evaporative cooling systems. The initial results indicate how data that would be gathered by sensory devices on occupancy and microclimatic conditions can be employed for the prediction and optimisation of the system to narrow the time gap between peak us..

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