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Targeting GM-CSF in inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.

Adrian A Achuthan, Kevin MC Lee, John A Hamilton

Semin Immunol | Published : 2021


Granulocyte macrophage-colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF) was originally identified as a growth factor for its ability to promote the proliferation and differentiation in vitro of bone marrow progenitor cells into granulocytes and macrophages. Many preclinical studies, using GM-CSF deletion or depletion approaches, have demonstrated that GM-CSF has a wide range of biological functions, including the mediation of inflammation and pain, indicating that it can be a potential target in many inflammatory and autoimmune conditions. This review provides a brief overview of GM-CSF biology and signaling, and summarizes the findings from preclinical models of a range of inflammatory and autoimmune dis..

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