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Structural biology of cell surface receptors implicated in Alzheimer’s disease

SJ Hermans, TL Nero, CJ Morton, JH Gooi, GAN Crespi, NC Hancock, C Gao, K Ishii, J Markulić, MW Parker

Biophysical Reviews | Springer Science and Business Media LLC | Published : 2021


Alzheimer’s disease is a common and devastating age-related disease with no effective disease-modifying treatments. Human genetics has implicated a wide range of cell surface receptors as playing a role in the disease, many of which are involved in the production or clearance of neurotoxins in the brain. Amyloid precursor protein, a membrane-bound signaling molecule, is at the very heart of the disease: hereditary mutations in its gene are associated with a greatly increased risk of getting the disease. A proteolytic breakdown product of amyloid precursor protein, the neurotoxic Aβ peptide, has been the target for many drug discovery efforts. Antibodies have been designed to target Aβ produc..

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