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Selecting tree species with high transpiration and drought avoidance to optimise runoff reduction in passive irrigation systems.

Jasmine K Thom, Stephen J Livesley, Tim D Fletcher, Claire Farrell, Stefan K Arndt, Janina Konarska, Christopher Szota

Sci Total Environ | Published : 2021


Rainfall in cities can generate large volumes of stormwater runoff which degrades receiving waterways. Irrigating trees with runoff (passive irrigation) has the potential to increase transpiration and contribute to stormwater management by reducing runoff received by downstream waterways, but the stochastic nature of rainfall may expose trees with high transpiration to drought stress. We hypothesized that for success in passive irrigation systems, tree species should exhibit i) high maximum transpiration rates under well-watered conditions, ii) drought avoidance between rainfall events, and iii) high recovery of transpiration with rainfall following a drought. We assessed 13 commonly planted..

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