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Review: What have we learned about the effects of heat stress on the pig industry?

F Liu, W Zhao, HH Le, JJ Cottrell, MP Green, BJ Leury, FR Dunshea, AW Bell

Animal | Published : 2021


Pig production faces seasonal fluctuations. The low farrowing rate of sows mated in summer, increased carcass fatness of progeny born to the sows mated in summer, and slower growth rate of finisher pigs in summer are three economically important impacts identified in the pig industry. The purpose of this review is to examine advances over the past decade in understanding the mechanisms underlying the three impacts associated with summer conditions, particularly heat stress (HS), and to provide possible amelioration strategies. For impact 1, summer mating results in low farrowing rates mainly caused by the high frequency of early pregnancy disruptions. The contributions of semen DNA damage, p..

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