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Edge In-Network Computing Meets Blockchain: A Multi-Domain Heterogeneous Resource Trust Management Architecture

L Ruan, S Guo, X Qiu, L Meng, S Wu, R Buyya

IEEE Network | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) | Published : 2021


In-network computing indicates the convergence of computing and network, which can be further considered as computing-based networking and network-enabled computing, from which comes the edge in-network computing paradigm. In this newly proposed paradigm, the computing, caching, and communication resources are deployed on in-transit edge nodes, such as routers or switches; hence, services are provided with less delay and energy consumption by the deep aggregation of edge-side resources. However, open challenges still exist in dealing with heterogeneous resource sharing, scheduling, and ensuring credibility of service processing. Given this background, this article aims to address the edge-si..

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