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Identifying the most effective behavioural assays and predator cues for quantifying anti-predator responses in mammals: a systematic review protocol

Natasha D Harrison, Ben L Phillips, Jan M Hemmi, Adrian F Wayne, Rochelle Steven, Nicola J Mitchell



Background: Mammals, globally, are facing population declines. Strategies increasingly employed to recover threatened mammal populations include protecting populations inside predator-free havens, and translocating animals from one site to another, or from a captive breeding program. These approaches can expose predator-naïve animals to predators they have never encountered and as a result, many conservation projects have failed due to the predation of individuals that lacked appropriate anti-predator responses. Hence robust ways to measure anti-predator responses are urgently needed to help identify naïve populations at risk, to select appropriate animals for translocation, and to monitor m..

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Funding Acknowledgements

NDH is funded through the Australian Commonwealth Government RTP Scholarship, the Hermon Slade Foundation (HSF21054 to Nicola Mitchell) and the Holsworth Wildlife Research Endowment. The funding bodies played no role in the development of this study.