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BER analysis of MIMO-SVD systems with channel estimation error and feedback delay

EKS Au, S Jin, MR McKay, WH Mow, X Gao, IB Collings

IEEE International Conference on Communications | IEEE | Published : 2007


This paper analyzes the average bit error rate (BER) performance of singular value decomposition-based multiple-input multiple-output systems with channel estimation error and feedback delay over uncorrelated Ricean fading channels. By utilizing marginal unordered eigenvalue distributions of complex noncentral Wishart matrices, we derive exact closed-form BER expression under the assumption of equal power allocation. Our results apply for various modulation formats and arbitrary numbers of transmit and receive antennas. Our results show the average BER increases with channel estimation error, feedback delay and Ricean K-factor at a polynomial rate that is inversely proportional to the differ..

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