Conference Proceedings

Wavelength-interleaving technique to improve optical spectral efficiency in millimeter-wave WDM fiber-radio

C Lim, A Nirmalathas, D Novak, RS Tucker, RB Waterhouse

IEEE/LEOS Annual Meeting Conference Proceedings 2001 | IEEE | Published : 2001


A wavelength-interleaving scheme was proposed to increase the optical spectral efficiency in wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) fiber-radio systems. The technique was implemented using a wavelength-interleaved optical add-drop multiplexer using optical gratings and an optical circulator. The feasibility of the technique was demonstrated using three interleaved WDM channels each transporting a 155 Mb/s signal at 36 GHz over a 20 Km fiber link. The technique was found to increase the maximum number of channels by almost 75%.