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Assembly of synthetic peptide vaccines by chemoselective ligation of epitopes: influence of different chemical linkages and epitope orientations on biological activity

WG Zeng, S Ghosh, M Macris, J Pagnon, DC Jackson

VACCINE | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2001


In this paper, we describe the assembly of synthetic peptide vaccines composed of a T helper cell epitope and a B cell epitope that were synthesized separately and then attached using three different chemoselective ligation methods: oxime bond formation, thioether bond formation and disulfide bond formation. The resulting vaccines were tested in animals to investigate their efficacy. We found that thioether bond formation gave the highest yield of material and that the chemistry involved did not adversely affect immunogenicity and biological activity of the peptide vaccine. Ligation of epitopes by oxime bond formation did not diminish biological activity either, but the yields of peptide vac..

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