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Protection against hydatid disease induced with the EG95 vaccine is associated with conformational epitopes

DJ Woollard, CG Gauci, DD Heath, MW Lightowlers

VACCINE | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2000


This paper describes attempts to map the location of host-protective epitopes of a recombinant vaccine antigen by assessing the ability of truncated regions of the antigen to elicit protective immune responses in sheep. Sheep were immunised with three truncated regions (EG95-1, EG95-2 and EG95-3) of the hydatid vaccine antigen, EG95. These regions overlapped each other and corresponded to amino acids 1-70 (EG95-1), 51-106 (EG95-2) and 89-153 (EG95-3) of the full length recombinant protein. Each region elicited antibody which reacted with the parent antigen, although these reactivities were a small proportion of the level of reactivity generated by immunisation with the full length antigen. A..

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