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Mutation scanning analysis of sequence heterogeneity in the second internal transcribed spacer (rDNA) within some members of the Hypodontus macropi (Nematoda : Strongyloidea) complex

RB Gasser, XQ Zhu, I Beveridge, N Chilton

ELECTROPHORESIS | WILEY | Published : 2001


Single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis was employed to investigate sequence variation in the second internal transcribed spacer (ITS-2) of nuclear ribosomal DNA within and among individuals representing three operational taxonomic units (OTUs) of Hypodontus macropi from different species of Australian macropodid marsupials. Of the 96 nematodes analysed, totals of 3 (OTU1 from Petrogale persephone), 10 (OTU2 from Macropus robustus) and 7 (OTU9 from Macropus rufus) representative individuals were selected for DNA sequencing to characterise and estimate the magnitude of nucleotide variation in the ITS-2. While no unequivocal nucleotide difference in the ITS-2 was detectable within OTU..

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