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Comparison of raw and roasted narbon beans (Vicia narbonensis) on performance and meat sensory attributes of lambs fed a roughage-based diet

P Yu, M Sprague, AR Egan, GH Castleman, BJ Leury

Animal Feed Science and Technology | ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV | Published : 2001


This study examined the effect of raw and roasted narbon bean (Vicia narbonensis) in a roughage-based diet on growth performance and meat sensory attributes of sheep. Roasting was examined to determine whether it improved protein utilisation. Lambs ([Border Leicester× Merino] × Poll Dorset; 6 months old, mean liveweight of 34.9 kg) were allocated to three treatments (n = 8 per treatment): Nil, lucerne and oaten chaff; raw WNB (chaff plus raw whole narbon bean); and roasted WNB (chaff plus whole narbon bean roasted at 150°C for 45 min). Raw and roasted narbon bean supplied 56% of total protein (approximately 15% DM) and were fed for a period of 8 weeks. Growth performance was evaluated over 6..

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