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Renoprotective effects of a novel inhibitor of advanced glycation

JM Forbes, T Soulis, V Thallas, S Panagiotopoulos, DM Long, S Vasan, D Wagle, G Jerums, ME Cooper



AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: ALT-946, an inhibitor of advanced glycation with a minimal inhibitory effect on nitric oxide synthase, was compared with aminoguanidine in experimental diabetic nephropathy. METHODS: In vitro and in vivo assays were used to assess the ability of ALT-946 to inhibit AGE-protein cross-link formation. Diabetic animals were randomly allocated into groups receiving aminoguanidine for 32 weeks, ALT-946 or vehicle (untreated). As a delayed intervention protocol, an additional diabetic group was treated with ALT-946 from week 16 to week 32 of the study. Non-diabetic rats were studied concurrently. Systolic blood pressure, body weight, plasma glucose, glycated haemoglobin and urinary ..

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