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A randomized controlled trial comparing periodic mask CPAP with physiotherapy after abdominal surgery.

L Denehy, S Carroll, G Ntoumenopoulos, S Jenkins

Physiotherapy Research International | Published : 2001


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques aimed at improving lung volumes and secretion clearance in patients after surgery. Periodic continuous positive airway pressure (PCPAP) is used to treat patients following elective upper abdominal surgery. However, the optimal method of application has not been identified, more specifically, the dosage of application of PCPAP. The present randomized controlled trial compared the effects of two dosages of PCPAP application and 'traditional' physiotherapy upon functional residual capacity (FRC), vital capacity (VC), oxyhaemoglobin saturation (SpO2), incidence of post-operative pulmonary complications and length of stay with a..

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