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Postnatal development of flicker sensitivity in guinea pigs.

James A Armitage, Bang Viet Bui, Riki Gibson, Algis J Vingrys

Clin Exp Optom | Published : 2001


BACKGROUND: The retinal response to flickering stimuli (steady state ERG) recruits many retinal elements and is a sensitive indicator of early retinal dysfunction. This study reports the post-natal maturation of the steady state ERG response in guinea pigs. METHODS: The steady state ERG response to flickering stimuli (0.6 to 20 Hz) was recorded from dark adapted (more than 12 hrs) English Shorthair guinea pigs (n = 7) using flashes that produced rod and cone dominated responses. Temporal sensitivity functions and critical fusion frequencies (CFF) were derived over a range of ages from postnatal day (PND) 1 to 45. RESULTS: Guinea pig rod and cone temporal sensitivity functions show shape char..

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