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Increased Müller cell density during diabetes is ameliorated by aminoguanidine and ramipril.

Tim CF Lo, Luke Klunder, Erica L Fletcher

Clin Exp Optom | Published : 2001


BACKGROUND: The Müller cell, the major glial cell in the retina, may be important in diabetes. The purpose of this project was to examine the localisation of glutamine synthetase in control and diabetic Müller cells and to determine whether the number of Müller cells is altered during diabetes. We also examined whether two experimental treatments of diabetes, aminoguanidine and ramipril, ameliorated these changes. METHODS: Normal Sprague-Dawley rats rendered diabetic by a single injection of streptozotocin (50 mg/kg) were treated with either aminoguanidine, ramipril or standard water. Following 12 weeks, animals were sacrificed, their eyes removed and the retinae processed for glutamine synt..

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