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Analysis of a radiographic technique for measurement of equine metacarpal bone shape.

LJ Walter, HM Davies

Equine Vet J Suppl | Published : 2001


Accuracy and limitations of a radiographic technique were established for measurement of metacarpal bone shape in horses. A radiographic index (RI) has been used to measure changes in third metacarpal (Mc3) bone shape in response to training in young racehorses. The aim of these experiments was to determine the effects of positioning of the radiographic equipment on RI measurements from lateromedial radiographs of a left ex vivo metacarpus. Repeatability of the RI measurement in left lateromedial and right mediolateral view Mc3s were evaluated. The width of the dorsal cortex (DC), palmar cortex (PC) and medulla (M) were measured at a position 25 mm distal to the nutrient foramen and the RI c..

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