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Effect of DNA concentration on transgenesis rates in mice and pigs

MB Nottle, KA Haskard, PJ Verma, ZT Du, CG Grupen, SM McIlfatrick, RJ Ashman, SJ Harrison, H Barlow, PL Wigley, IG Lyons, PJ Cowan, RJ Crawford, PL Tolstoshev, MJ Pearse, AJ Robins, AJF d'Apice



A retrospective analysis of transgenesis rates obtained in seven pronuclear microinjection programs was undertaken to determine if a relationship existed between the amount of DNA injected and transgenesis rates in the pig. Logistic regression analysis showed that as the concentration of DNA injected increased from 1 to 10 ng/microl, the number of transgenics when expressed as a proportion of the number liveborn (integration rate) increased from 4% to an average of 26%. A similar relationship was found when the number of molecules of DNA injected per picolitre was analysed. No evidence was obtained to suggest either parameter influenced integration rate in mice when the same constructs were ..

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