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Assessment of adult stereopsis using the Lang 1 Stereotest: a pilot study.

S Brown, L Weih, N Mukesh, C McCarty, H Taylor

Binocular Vision and Strabismus | Published : 2001


BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: To assess the use of the Lang 1 Stereotest as a vision-screening test for adults, for which little is known or reported. METHOD: The Lang 1 Stereotest was administered to 292 consecutive participants of the Visual Impairment Project (VIP) five year followup study, which is a population based study of eye disease in Melbourne, Australia. 56.9% were female. The mean age was 59.4 years, range 44-90 years. A "positive" stereoscopic response was recorded where the stereoscopic target image was correctly named; a "partial positive" response where depth was appreciated but the shape could not be named; and a "negative" response where there was no appreciation of a stereo eff..

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