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Secretion of the trefoil factor TFF3 from the isolated vascularly perfused rat colon

F Moro, F Levenez, S Durual, P Plaisancie, L Thim, AS Giraud, JC Cuber



The trefoil factor TFF3 is a peptide predominantly produced by mucus-secreting cells in the small and large intestines. It has been implicated in intestinal protection and repair. The mechanisms that govern TFF3 secretion are poorly understood. The aim of this study was, therefore, to evaluate the influence of neurotransmitters, hormonal peptides and mediators of inflammation on the release of TFF3. For this purpose, an isolated vascularly perfused rat colon preparation was used. After a bolus administration of 1 ml isotonic saline into the lumen, TFF3 secretion was induced by a 30-min intra-arterial infusion of the compounds to be tested. TFF3 was evaluated in the luminal effluent using a n..

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