Journal article

A robust control framework for linear, time-invariant, spatially distributed systems

J Reinschke, MW Cantoni, MC Smith

SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization | SIAM PUBLICATIONS | Published : 2001


A robust control framework for linear, time-invariant (LTI), spatially distributed systems is outlined in this paper. We adopt an input-output approach which takes account of the spatially distributed nature of the input and output signals for such systems. The approach is a generalization of H∞ control in the sense that the 2-norm (in both time and space) is used to quantify the size of signals. It is shown that a frequency-domain representation, in the form of a graph symbol, exists for every LTI, spatially distributed system under very mild assumptions. The graph symbol gives rise to left and right coprime representations if the system is also stabilizable. We investigate fundamental issu..

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