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Polymer concentration dependence of the gel point for chemically modified biopolymer networks using small amplitude oscillatory rheometry

AB Rodd, JJ Cooper-White, DE Dunstan, DV Boger

POLYMER | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2001


Solutions of xanthan gum form a strong gel upon the addition of aluminium ions (Al(III)). We have previously reported on the stoichiometric (ratio of crosslinker to polymer present) dependence of the thermal gel point and final gel strength. The results presented here expand on previous work, presenting the thermal gelation characteristics for a range of xanthan concentrations and different stoichiometries. The limiting stoichiometric ratio, below which gelation does not occur, is found to be independent of polymer concentration. The relaxation exponent is shown to decrease with increasing polymer concentration, whilst the temperature of gelation Tg, is shown to increase. The 'gel strength' ..

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