Journal article

Type II phospholipase A(2) in preterm human gestational tissues

M Lappas, M Permezel, HM Georgiou, GE Rice

PLACENTA | W B SAUNDERS CO LTD | Published : 2001


Maternal genital tract infections and the associated inflammatory response may contribute to the onset of many cases of preterm labour. Type II phospholipase A(2)(PLA2) hydrolyses glycerophospholipids, releasing free fatty acid for conversion into potent biological mediators, such as prostaglandins, which play a significant role in both the onset and progression of human labour and the activation of inflammatory reactions. The aim of this study was to quantify immunoreactive (ir) Type II PLA2 in placenta, amnion and choriodecidua collected from women delivering prematurely or due to histological chorioamnionitis, and to compare levels to those at term. Tissues were assayed for ir Type II PLA..

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