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Muscle spindle distribution, morphology, and density in longus colli and multifidus muscles of the cervical spine

LC Boyd-Clark, CA Briggs, MP Galea



STUDY DESIGN: Tissue blocks comprising muscle and bone from C5 to C7 segments were harvested at autopsy from 16 individuals ranging in age from 4 to 77 years. The prevertebral longus colli and postvertebral multifidus muscle pairs from one side in each individual were randomly selected for this study of muscle spindles. OBJECTIVES: To determine muscle spindle distribution, morphology, and density for the longus colli and multifidus in caudal segments of the human cervical spine, and to assess whether changes are evident from infancy to old age. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: Age-related changes to the osteoligamentous framework of the cervical spine have been well documented. Postural modificat..

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