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Local immune responses to influenza antigen are synergistically enhanced by the adjuvant ISCOMATRIX((R))

RG Windon, PJ Chaplin, P McWaters, M Tavarnesi, M Tzatzaris, WG Kimpton, RNP Cahill, L Beezum, A Coulter, D Drane, A Sjolander, M Pearse, JPY Scheerlinck, JM Tennent

VACCINE | ELSEVIER SCI LTD | Published : 2001


The peripheral (draining) lymph node, as the primary site of immune induction, determines the course of systemic responses to an injected antigen. Lymphatic duct cannulation procedures in sheep were used to investigate local immunoreactivity to human influenza virus antigen (Flu ag) admixed with the adjuvant ISCOMATRIX (IMX). Compared to Flu ag or IMX alone, the co-administration of Flu ag and IMX (Flu ag+IMX) synergistically enhanced a number of immunological responses (lymphocyte and blast migration from the node, antigen-specific antibody levels and IL6 output in efferent lymph, and antigen-induced proliferation in cultured efferent lymph cells). Together, these results demonstrate that I..

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