Journal article

The effects of the menopausal transition and biopsychosocial factors on well-being.

L Dennerstein, P Lehert, J Guthrie

Archives of Women's Mental Health | Published : 2002


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to determine whether women's well-being changed with the menopausal transition, and the effect on well-being of other biological, psychosocial and lifestyle factors. METHOD: A longitudinal observational study was carried out utilising a population-based sample of 438 mid-aged, Australian- born women. A total of 9 assessments were made at annual intervals. Mood was measured using the Affectometer 2. Mood, menopausal status, psychosocial and lifestyle variables and hormone levels were determined annually. 226 subjects who transited the natural menopausal transition were included in the analysis. RESULTS: As women pass from early in the menopausal transition..

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