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The biology and cytogenetics of multiple myeloma.

P Joy Ho, Lynda J Campbell, John Gibson, Ross Brown, Douglas Joshua

Reviews in Clinical and Experimental Hematology | Published : 2002


Despite the advances in our knowledge of myeloma cell biology, our understanding of myeloma pathogenesis is still incomplete. In this review, we present a summary of the cellular and molecular aspects of B-cell development and immunoglobulin (lg) gene rearrangement which have been important in defining the characteristics of the myeloma plasma cell (MPC). The PMC has undergone variable gene recombination, somatic hypermutation and isotype switching, and is therefore at a postgerminal center stage of development. The finding of preswitch clonal cells and isotype variants have raised interesting questions about the cell of origin of myeloma, for which no conclusive data is as yet available. Ho..

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