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Motor response to levodopa and the evolution of motor fluctuations in the first decade of treatment of Parkinson's disease.

Craig D McColl, Katrina A Reardon, Mark Shiff, Peter A Kempster

Movement Disorders | Wiley | Published : 2002


Thirty-four patients with Parkinson's disease were followed for a mean period of 8 years from the time of initiation of levodopa medication. Levodopa response was charted from the starting point of pharmacological treatment to give a longitudinal point of view of the changes that evolve as the disease progresses. Objective measurements of the motor response to levodopa test-doses were made at approximately three yearly intervals. Motor fluctuations developed in 58% of the patient group after a mean treatment period of 35 months. Dyskinesia developed in parallel with fluctuations but appeared on average 7 months before symptomatic wearing-off effects of levodopa doses. The patients with motor..

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