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Technology computer-aided design modelling of single-atom doping for fabrication of buried nanostructures

CI Pakes, DP George, DN Jamieson, CJ Yang, AS Dzurak, E Gauja, RG Clark



Future quantum devices may exploit arrays of dopants positioned with nanoscale precision in an intrinsic semiconductor matrix. One proposal for the fabrication of such an array is by the implantation of single low-energy dopand ions into prefabricated cells within the device, the arrival of each dopant being detected electrically. With the aid of technology computer-aided design (TCAD) modelling, we outline an electrical registration process which makes use of appropriately biased electrodes incorporated within the device to detect the space charge induced within the near-intrinsic substrate by a single-ion implant. A series of simulations aimed at optimizing the charge detection efficiency ..

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