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Adaptive Behaviour and Moral Reasoning in Children with Frontal Lobe Lesions

Emma Couper, Rani Jacobs, Vicki Anderson

Brain Impairment | Cambridge University Press (CUP) | Published : 2002


AbstractChildren with frontal lobe damage often appear to demonstrate remarkable recovery with few apparent signs of impairment immediately after injury. Over time, however, many develop increasing deficits in self-regulation, attention, and executive function, as well as in otherhigher functions. Current literature suggests that, in particular, these children seem to experience worsening socio-behavioural problems. Some case studies (Grattan & Eslinger, 1992; Anderson et al., 1999) describe individuals with childhood frontal lesions who developed severe social problems, deficits in executive functions and who also had lower than expected levels of moral reasoning. In the present study, soci..

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