Journal article

The auditory steady-state response: clinical observations and applications in infants and children.

Barbara Cone-Wesson, Field Rickards, Christine Poulis, John Parker, Lesley Tan, Jan Pollard

Journal of the American Academy of Audiology | Published : 2002


Two studies illustrate the use of the auditory steady-state response (ASSR) in the pediatric clinical audiology setting. A protocol for estimating bone-conduction thresholds from ASSR was developed. Bone-conducted narrow-band noise was used to mask the ASSR for a 1.0-kHz modulated tone. The amount of bone-conducted noise needed to mask the ASSR may distinguish between infants and children with conductive hearing losses and those with sensory losses. The amount of bone-conducted noise may also be used to estimate bone-conduction thresholds; however, the accuracy of this technique needs verification with behavioral methods to determine thresholds for bone-conducted pure tones in infants. When ..

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