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Effects of pre- and postnatal protein deprivation and postnatal refeeding on myenteric neurons of the rat large intestine: a quantitative morphological study

P Castelucci, RR de Souza, RC de Angelis, JB Furness, EA Liberti



We investigated the effect of protein deprivation and refeeding on weight gain, the size of the colon, and the numbers and sizes of enteric neurons. Neurons were located by reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) diaphorase staining. Protein deprivation of the mother throughout pregnancy, and the mother and unweaned rat pups in the first 21 postnatal days, reduced the weights of pups to about 50% of control. The size of the colon was also reduced, by about 40%. Despite this, total numbers of neurons in the colon were not reduced. However, there was a small, but significant, 15% reduction in the areas of neuron profiles. After 21 days the remaining pups were removed from the mothers,..

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