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Warts are not merely blemishes on the skin: A study on the morbidity associated with having viral cutaneous warts.

Antoinette Ciconte, Jan Campbell, Sepehr Tabrizi, Suzanne Garland, Robin Marks

Australasian Journal of Dermatology | Published : 2003


Eighty-five people aged 2-76 years with 250 common and plantar warts were followed prospectively for 9 months. The majority (57; 67%) had one to two warts. Of the 54 subjects who had a past history of warts, 41 (75.9%) had sought treatment for them. Twenty-four (58.5%) said that treatment had been unsuccessful; 22 (53.7%) experienced pain during their treatment; 14 (34.1%) said that treatment had been inconvenient; nine (22%) required multiple treatments; and eight (19.5%) said the treatment resulted in the development of scars. The quality-of-life assessment related to their current warts revealed that 81.2% were moderately to extremely embarrassed by them; 70.5% were moderately to extremel..

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