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CD46 protects pig islets from antibody but not cell-mediated destruction in the mouse

IFC McKenzie, YQ Li, PX Xing, I Dinatale, M Koulmanda, BE Loveland, MS Sandrin



We have previously reported that islets present in cultured fetal pig pancreas (FPP) are resistant to destruction by Galalpha(1,3)Gal antibodies and compliment, but are susceptible to the 'secondary' antibody response which occurs on transplanting pig islet tissue to Galo/o murine recipients. In a model of antibody-mediated graft rejection, we tested the resistance of porcine islets to antibody. Using FPP from human CD46 transgenic pigs, we now report that the complement regulator, CD46, affords protection from antibody-mediated rejection when mouse anti-pig serum (MAPS) was administered to scid mice bearing PFF grafts from either CD46 transgenic or normal pigs. Indeed, whereas normal pig is..

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