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CD4 is expressed by epidermal Langerhans' cells predominantly as covalent dimers

GW Lynch, EK Slayto, FD Elliott, A Saurajen, SG Turville, AJ Sloane, PU Cameron, AL Cunningham, GM Halliday



Langerhans' cells (LC) of skin are CD4 expressing, dendritic, antigen-presenting cells, that are essential for activation of primary immune responses and are productively infected by HIV. We have shown previously that lymphocytes and monocytes express CD4 both as monomers and covalently linked homodimers. In those cells the 55-kDa monomer structure predominates. LC in un-fractionated human epidermal cell (EC) suspension also expresses both forms of CD4, but in EC the dimer form is predominant. Because isolation of LC into single cell suspension by trypsin, as is routinely used for LC isolation, degrades CD4, a systematic study for an alternate procedure for LC isolation was performed. Thus i..

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