Journal article

Correlation between language organization and diffusion tensor abnormalities in refractory partial epilepsy

RS Briellmann, LA Mitchell, AB Waites, DF Abbott, GS Pell, MM Saling, TD Jackson

Epilepsia | WILEY-BLACKWELL | Published : 2003


PURPOSE: Atypical language organization is more frequently found in patients with refractory partial epilepsy than in healthy controls; however, the reasons for this are not well known. Here we assess the relation between language laterality index (LI) and white-matter tract changes. METHODS: Nine patients with refractory partial epilepsy were assessed with a 3-T GE scanner. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of language and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) were acquired. For the fMRI, a noun-verb generation task was performed, all images were motion corrected, and activated pixels in classic language areas were counted. The DTI images were acquired in six standard directions with an..

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